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First of all, the church is a faction in its own right, one that will immediately cut their direct funding for you up until you have a direct negative encounter with them, they’ll hope that you go light on Sonata, and let it gather relics in peace. Second, the church has its own combat units, who will start gunning for once you slip into open hostilities, and who will go so far as to attack your HQ directly, where your avatar hides in a corner, an anxious game over screen waiting to happen. And finally, because other factions have relationships with each other too: When I tried to make peace with Blue Sunlight (by “investing” in the church, as they requested), I got a call from the leader of hacktivist collective GUEST, who reminded me that investments looked like endorsements from the outside.

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Handbags Replica Actress Selma Blairshared an impassioned pledge of support Sunday for fired “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn, telling Disney and Marvel to rehire him. (More than 170,000 people had signed as of Monday morning.) Disney dismissed high quality designer replica Gunn good quality replica bags from the franchise’s third installment last week after right wing Twitter followers called attention to jokes replica bags Gunn posted about pedophilia and rape on Twitter years ago. Gunn apologized, saying the taboo humor was intended to be provocative. Handbags Replica

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