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A rough democracy existed in that town, one that has long ago been junked with the old Ford wagons; a democracy that disappeared with the arrival of the billionaire e world technocrats and Page Six Hollywood celebrities who brought to the old town a boutique world of expensive restaurants, fancy antique shops, “Look at m,e Ma!” mansions, and commercial greenhouses that rival the Crystal Palace. Perhaps hardest for me to face on my rare recent visits to the town is the sight of the old Edwards house as it exists today, forced to impersonate a Tuscan villa with baroque statues, koi ponds, and iron balconies; the defenseless farmhouse stripped of its former dignity, its old skeleton dressed up for a permanent Mardi Gras by its current owners. In fairness to this latest invading army of Goths, we newcomers in the ’60s must have been regarded with similar grave suspicion by the long established locals, condemned for our city ways and our own pretentions, as well as for the small changes we made in our property; the wooden back decks and sun rooms we added on, and scorned for tearing down those old weathered out houses built for migrant workers who would never again work the land..

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