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235 points submitted 3 months agoYes, it real, that was my post. I plan on shutting down TUJ at the end of February if there is no ETA (even vague) from Blizzard regarding the return of the AH API.I haven made any announcement about it anywhere else since I wanted to keep it within the dev community and not make a big fuss over it. I want Blizzard to be able to open up about this situation in particular without our having to walk back statements everywhere. Blizzard doesn owe me anything and I don canada goose outlet price want to make it seem like I think they do. But I wanted to say something to them to show canada goose outlet hong kong that their lack of communication affects the dev and player community, and we can operate for extended periods without any timeline whatsoever. This stuff costs money and time and attention and reputation, frankly.I don expect them to respond with anything more concrete. It not their way. And since the API has been gone beyond a few weeks, IMO, it probably gonna take more than a few months to fix, knowing how slowly they get around to things.I said TUJ would shut down “permanently” because the service is currently hosted on a dedicated server I rent month to month. When I shut it down, that server gets wiped and reused. I have all the code and ability to set it up somewhere else, of course, but it quite an ordeal and I haven done it in a few years. Setting up the database server and mail server and web server and caching and configuration and permissions and software patches and all that is a canada goose outlet in usa lot of work. I no longer play WoW. TUJ doesn make much money (enough to keep it running, but not so much that it provides a noticable income for me). And episodes like this (they had the API down for days a few times in the past year or two, without explanation) prove that Blizzard doesn make the API a priority. This blue post pretty much says the APIs are nice but not a priority. Add all that up, and while I enjoyed the project in the past, I struggle to canada goose parka outlet care about it now, and Blizz doesn care enough to keep the API running or even talk to the community about canada goose victoria parka outlet it, so what am I doing?Now, there always a chance that TUJ gets shut down, then comes back. Some old timers remember when the old TUJ shut down due to hosting problems on my end, and for a few months it official canada goose outlet was closed, only to come back with a new layout and a new host (where it at now). I even said at the time that I wasn going to offer notifications, only to build that back up a year later. So, who knows how canada goose outlet in uk permanent “permanently” is. But shutting canada goose parka outlet uk the server down is not a trivial step, it does mean that bringing it back up would be a pain, and I might not care to do it if Blizzard doesn care buy canada goose uk to maintain what we need from them.If there one thing I want to make clear canada goose shop uk with this “announcement”, it that I not pouting, or angry, or even very upset about the situation. I don expect Blizzard to do anything special for me or for TUJ. I just tired, tired of the project and tired of Blizzard outages and lack of forward momentum and silence. When the API is up, TUJ pretty much runs itself (except when I have to do a little data mining with each major patch). But if there no AH API on the horizon, TUJ will have to shut down. There nothing left.polipsy 3 points submitted 1 year ago3rd year pharmacy student in CA here, I canada goose jacket outlet uk think I can clarify the legislation a bit. SB 493 allowed pharmacists to “furnish” medications that are preventative and thus do not require a diagnosis. This includes vaccines, travel medicines, and birth control. Depending on what it is the pharmacist is furnishing, certifications and additional training is required. Big chain pharmacies, to my knowledge, don have a protocol in place currently (and although it in the works, I not expecting it to happen soon). It a good thing, and I hoping it gains traction in other states.polipsy 4 points submitted 1 year agoI feel canada goose outlet authentic your pain. I gotten to the point where canada goose uk site I rarely input prescriptions as waiters. There too many factors that can throw that time off, especially at times of high volume. The system doesn track a prescription pickup time that put in manually for 15 minutes without the “waiter” flag, so I will generally do that if there any sign that the patient may not be waiting physically in the store.polipsy 25 points submitted 2 years agoThis reminds me of a time when I had a patient call and ask me to “fill everything, we are on our way”. Now I learned my lesson long ago to never, under any circumstances, fill everything due to the invariable complaint of “Why you fill that? I don take that any more!”. I carefully went through each medication with the patient before setting it to fill, confirming with them that it was indeed what they needed.When they arrived I was able to help them at the register, went through each medication again, and they went https://www.canadagooseisverige.com on their way. Ten minutes later they were at the consultation window saying they needed a refund, that I had sold them a medication they didn need. Although they had already left the store, the pharmacist ok the return after double checking the medication, and a few minutes later they canada goose outlet reviews were on their way, sans the canada goose outlet paypal medication that had been returned canada goose outlet boston and refunded. The store manager came back a few minutes later, let us know that we had a complaint about giving someone a difficult time for a return, and that he had given them a $10 gift card for their trouble.I think we train the self sufficiency and personal responsibility out of our patients in the name of convenience.[deleted] 2 points submitted 2 years agoIt a tricky spot, you have to wedge yourself pretty good between the corner and the rock thing, so the Eye has no “safe” place to spawn.From what I gathered playing around with the Eye it first tries to spawn in canada goose outlet mississauga front of you, but if it would spawn in to blocking terrain it spawns behind you. If that is also blocked then it just canada goose uk ignores everything and spawns right in front of you.Just alter where you are looking, like if the eye spawns on your left, just turn your character ever so slightly to right and resummon. Eventually you should get the eye to clip through the wall.Atm I playing around in Naxx, trying to get through the walls, but thous are pretty annoying since the geometry doesn let you get between a lot of stuff.Easiest places to get through are small openings that can just fit your canada goose jacket uk eye (height wise) since when you teleport into thous places your character will clip through since it taller than the eye and then you can either respawn the eye and get into the wall or if you can fly in the zone you can just mount up and fly into the wall. This is example of the taller wedgeEDIT: Just tried it (just in case Blizzard somehow would have hotfixed it or something) and it works. I got in with my 3rd summon. Just keep at it :Ppolipsy 2 points submitted 2 years agoThanks for the tip! I go at it again and see if I can get it. Is it pretty obvious when the eye clips? I saw in the video he repositioned the eye after he summoned it, so I been trying to imitate that. If it supposed to clip on summon though that may make canada goose jacket outlet toronto more sense.How the Naxx exploration going? I been able to consistently clip through the wall in Sapphiron lair using a size increasing potion (haha) and a log canada goose outlet out/in method. Let me know if you having trouble with that I try to get some screenshots up for you.

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