Jul 282014

Observations and Rants

canada goose coats on sale Yes, I should be in Paris right now at a training and meeting session for one of the factories we import and distribute in North America. But, Im not. canada goose coats on sale

And why am I not in Paris right now? Im glad you asked because I am going to vent at United Airlines.

I went to the Quad City canada goose outlet shop Airport in Moline on Sunday to catch a connecting flight toChicago OHare so I could get on an overnight flight to Paris Charles De Gaulle. On the way out to the airport, I got a text from United telling me that due to a late arriving plane, my flight canada goose jacket outlet uk to Chicago would be delayed by 50 minutes. Now, I only had a 70 minute layover in Chicago to begin with. I knew I was in trouble even before I checked in for my flight at Moline.

canada goose clearance When I went to the United counter, I asked the service agent if I was going to have any trouble in Chicago. He looked at my boarding passes and said, Oh, yeah. Youre going to have BIG trouble in Chicago. canada goose clearance

canada goose store I knew there was an American Airlines flight that was supposed to take off about the same time to Chicago and I asked if I could get on that flight. Unfortunately, that flight, too, is delayed. Mechanical issues, he said as he was typing into his computer. Then he said, And, unfortunately, there is only one flight a day to Paris from Chicago on United. canada goose store

He explained that he could get me in to Paris on Tuesday. By then, I started to do the calculations in my head. on Tuesday. I was meeting a colleague who was flying in from Montreal for the meetings and Monday was going to be spent getting acclimated to the seven hour time difference. body time. The rule of thumb is to try to stay up as long as you can on long flights east so your body will get more quickly acclimated to the time change. Im always a zombie on the first day Im in Europe and my body still feels it on the second day.

canada goose clearance sale I canada goose outlet store toronto figured that I could probably make the flight on Monday night driving into Chicago and not having to worry if United would delay me again getting out of Moline. But then I remembered I was going to fly back from Paris to St. Louis to meet up with friends for baseball games this coming weekend. I couldnt drive into Chicago on Monday. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose I asked my wife to come into the the airport when I got https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com there because I didnt know if I would be flying out or going back home. It was 3:15 canada goose outlet las vegas in the afternoon and I thought about just having her drive me to OHare. Its about canada goose outlet new york a two and a half hour drive canada goose outlet london uk to OHare from the Quad Cities. The agent at the counter said, Thats fine, but the only problem is that youll have to be checked in one hour before your flight. Another quick mental calculation and I determined that wasnt going to be enough time. canada goose

I asked about Delta flights and he said, Well, I can get you to Atlanta or Detroit, but youd be stuck there for the night. And they wouldnt be able to get you out any sooner than tomorrow night.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Cursing United Airlines under my breath, but loud enough for a 60 ish lady standing near me to give me the evil eye, I told the agent to cancel my ticket. With a quick keystroke, he said, Done! Sorry for your inconvenience, sir. He did give me an 800 number that I had to call to get the full refund on my ticket with instructions that it was a delay that caused the overall cancellation. (Fortunately, getting the full refund went off without a hitch.) buy canada goose jacket cheap

Now, Im an anxious air traveler. Oh, I like to fly and I know that air travel is one of the safest ways to get around. My anxiety stems from not having full control of the situation, mainly getting through airports and getting on the plane and having it leave on time. Delayed flights are my biggest fear, missing my flight altogether is right up there, as well. Im a mental wreck for days before Im supposed to be flying somewhere. Ive been that way for years and its never gotten any better. Youd think that Id be used to it especially flying United almost exclusively over the past few years.

canada goose coats United has been the canada goose outlet online store review worst for me in terms of delayed or canceled flights. I looked it up and found that seven buy canada goose uk of the last night flights Id had with United had either been delayed or canceled. I have been delayed or canceled twice out canada goose outlet 80 off of Montreal due to mechanical issues. I was cancelled out of Moline going to Denver last September because the door wouldnt properly shut on the plane. My flight from Moline to Las Vegas connecting through Denver last January was delayed three hours because they couldnt start the plane. I got lucky if you call it that because the flight between Denver and Las Vegas was also delayed so I was canada goose outlet black friday able to make that flight, but I was two hours late getting into Vegas. Inbound delays for planes have delayed me out of Moline and Chicago. canada goose coats

canada goose deals Yesterday, my friend Tom Kirkendall who runs the wonderful blog site Houstons Clear Thinkers (and one of the people I leaned on for advice for starting Road Tips nearly 10 years ago) sent methis articlefrom the Wall Street canada goose outlet toronto factory Journaloutlining problems United has experience since absorbing Continental Airlines nearly 4 years ago. While United has been floundering, Delta has gotten past its speed bumps after absorbing Northwest and passenger complaints have gone down considerably. The article pretty much summed up my growing frustration with United. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Outlet Right now, Im almost indentured to United I have nearly 50,000 miles racked up going toward a free trip to Hawaii for my wife and I sometime next year. The trip to France and subsequent planned business trips would have helped get closer to my goal of 80,000 miles that Ill need to have for both of us to go, but wont have canada goose jacket outlet toronto to buy any miles out of pocket. But at this point, Im so down on United that I dont even want to take the free miles theyve given me over the past four or five years. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose I had been an American Airlines traveler for a number canada goose outlet england of years. I first became a frequent flyer on TWA, but when they were swallowed up by American a few years ago I had all my miles switched to that airline. Once again, I felt indentured to American because I was racking up points. But delays and the fact that American no longer flew from Moline to St. Louis was the biggest reason why I quit using them once we went to Hawaii four years ago. I went to United exclusively and even though I dont fly as much as my colleagues do, I still managed to get a lot of miles pretty quickly. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale It looks like Im going to start flying Delta. Their flights go to Minneapolis, Detroit or Atlanta before going on to wherever I need to get to. Its not as canada goose outlet uk sale convenient as flying through OHare or Denver, but the hassle factor seems to be a little lower in terms of delays and cancellations. But just like any airline, Delta also has its detractors. I guess Im just gonna have to find out for myself. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket Ill reschedule my Paris trip to sometime later in the summer. And that sucks. I was worn down with anxiety running up to the flight that was canceled on Sunday. The thing Im most pissed off about right now is the fact that I wanted to get this trip over and done with. Ill have to go through the whole emotional and mental cycle again later on this summer. canadian goose jacket

My unused boarding pass from OHare to Paris.

buy canada goose jacket Thanks again, United. buy canada goose jacket

As I continue to recover from my hip surgery, Im recycling some of my older posts over the past couple three years. This story was originally posted on November 25, 2005 and illustrates one of my all time pet peeves while traveling tailgaters. Well, that and idiots who dont know how to use their cruise control when traveling on the interstate. They pass you, they slow down.

This past weekend, Cindy and I drove to Iowa City for a Mothers Day gathering with thekids at a restaurant in Iowa City.

But it had become apparent that there were still people who didnt know how to engage theircruisecontrol. (Yeah, Im talking about you, buddy the idiot from Nebraska in thered Malibu who wouldntget over and would go from 65 mphto 73mph and back down to 63 mph whilea long line of cars were behind himtrying to get around somesemis.)

Canada Goose Jackets And there arestill a disproportionately high number of women tailgaters, including the little bitch in the brown Honda Accord who rode my ass at 75 mph for no apparent reason other canada goose outlet vip than we happened to be going the same speed for four or five miles before I finally backed off to 72 so she would pass me. Then as she started to go around, she slowed to the SAME SPEED as ME!!! Jesus!!! Canada Goose Jackets

This is my original post on tailgaters official canada goose outlet and those who dont know how to canada goose outlet houston use a cruise control. And, unfortunately, over three years later, its just as bad.

canada goose black friday sale Im not talking about the canada goose outlet in vancouver type of tailgaters who go to Iowa football games and party before and after the game. Im talking about an aggravating sector of the population that gets on your bumper at any speed and just hangs there. canada goose black friday sale

And my scientific experiments have found that in about 95% of the cases of tailgaters, they are horrors! WOMEN!!

Canada Goose online Women are the worst tailgaters on the road. I have no idea what is in the head of some of these ladies who come up behind me on the interstate Im going 72 miles per hour, theyre going faster then they get up behind me about a car length and instead canada goose outlet niagara falls of passing me, they just sit there on my bumper for the next five miles! Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Parka Cindy was a horrible tailgater when I first started dating her. Id be riding with her and goose canada goose outlet outlet canada shed be on the ass end of the car in front of her and Id say, Cindy, back off! Youre gonna smack this guy if he has to hit the brakes! Canada Goose Parka

So, a canada goose outlet near me few days later, Cindy calls me up at home during her lunch hour. Shes in tears. She said, Oh, God! I just ran into the back of a guy on my way home for lunch! And you told me it was going to happen.

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