May 042013

City is Melbourne

buy replica bags online The construction works Designer Replica Bags are currently underway with architecture by the Buchan Group. We caught up with Michelle Cavicchiolo, senior interior designer at the Buchan Group, to talk about the functionality and design of M City, from clever storage solutions to quality fixtures, and how you can embrace these ideas at your place. buy replica bags online

M largest replica bags mixed use development, which will be aaa replica designer handbags able to accommodate 4,000 residents, workers and shoppers. Picture: M City / artist impression only

good quality replica bags Functionality is important in all our projects, but as this is the largest mixed use replica handbags online development in Victoria, it been particularly interesting designing across retail, residential and commercial spaces. Replica Bags Wholesale Of course people move quite differently when they in Handbags Replica a retail space compared to when they at home, but for both retail and residential we looked at the general movement and flow of users and tied the Replica Bags functionality of the design into that. good quality replica bags

bag replica high quality The KnockOff Handbags basis cheap replica handbags of our overall design was built around concepts of rhythm. We kept high traffic areas clear and changed the feel of the high quality replica handbags space according to its use through different textures and tones. For instance, calm spaces where people will be likely to stop and sit down to eat or take a break can be softened with the use of natural materials and greenery. bag replica high quality

7a replica bags wholesale Creating calm spaces with ample greenery is key at this brand new development. Picture: M City / artist impression only 7a replica bags wholesale

replica bags online How can we maximise functionality in our own homes? replica bags online

designer replica luggage First, think about the way you move through your home and your behavioural patterns, then work your interior styling around that. Think about where you spend the most amount of time. For example, is an outdoor space important to you? Do you like eating outside in the warmer months? designer replica luggage

If so, then it a good idea to make sure you find an Fake Designer Bags apartment that has a decent balcony and then invest in some good quality outdoor furniture. Likewise, if you love cooking and entertaining, then a spacious, open plan kitchen with ample bench space would be very useful to you.

Functionality Fake Handbags and style go hand in hand as this open plan kitchen with plenty of bench space and storage shows. Picture: M City / artist impression only

replica designer bags And of course, functionality should Replica Designer Handbags not be at the expense of style and replica handbags china quality fixtures and finishes. In M City case, it an urban, vibrant mini city with a pulse and the design reflects this within our rhythmic theme. replica designer bags

replica designer backpacks For the replica Purse apartment interiors, we sought a balance between classic and contemporary, with mirrored splashbacks and timber joinery, Wholesale Replica Bags and the beauty of natural stone that has its own individuality and movement through veining. Look for a home that is just as aesthetically inviting and enduring as it is practical. replica designer backpacks

high replica bags Often when people choose to move into a residential apartment building, storage can be an issue. A tip before you buy would be to wholesale replica designer handbags make sure there ample storage space, so that not only is your space practical, but it ensures the apartment is clutter free. For M City, we designed clever storage solutions with contemporary joinery to balance style with practicality. high replica bags

Modern joinery is essential in making these kitchen cabinets stand out. Picture: M City / artist impression only

Any tips on styling a home?

When styling your home, again think about how you would like to use the space and style around that. You can create intimate spaces with creative use of furniture, or open a space up with feature elements such as a bold artwork or enticing statement Designer Fake Bags chairs.

high end replica bags Remember that trends will change, so a neutral backdrop offset with some key pieces will create a timeless space to enjoy. Invest in an artwork or classic piece of furniture to inject your own personality and create spaces you love that will stand purse replica handbags the test of time. high end replica bags

Hang a dramatic piece of artwork above your bed for immediate wow Replica Handbags factor and a way to inject your personality into the space. Picture: M City / artist impression only.

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