Aug 212014

My life in Car Crashes

canada goose black friday sale He grew a beard to cover the stitched gash around his mouth. At four years old, I found the canada goose outlet hong kong itchy broom on canada goose outlet las vegas his face repulsive. It didn’t match with the dapper Dad who leaned canada goose outlet price into the bunk at night to kiss us goodnight, his knitted tie whiffing of curls of cigar smoke, wearing dapper polished shoes, pinstripes, cufflinks; he was a neat and smooth man; famously he has but three hairs on his chest. When the wounds healed, canada goose outlet boston he shaved the hedgehoggy thing off and mercifully, he looked scrubbed again and the scar canada goose outlet parka on his upper lip, like a silky livid pink slug, was beguiling. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale Some years on, with canada goose parka outlet uk dinks in between, the next major incident was less of a smash, more of a canada goose outlet nyc meandering, canada goose canada goose outlet outlet black friday terrifying farce: canada goose victoria parka outlet mother climbed into the estate car with my little sister but her jeans ripped. She jumped out and ran back into the house and was canada goose outlet florida tugging on another pair in an upper window when she saw the motor slip its anchor, my sister standing on the handbrake between the seats. Gracefully, the big green Cortina sailed away from the kerb, across the road canada goose outlet location and, as mum flew down the stairs, lumbered over the undulating front garden and flower beds of the old couple who had a dog called Buster living opposite. canada goose coats on canada goose kensington parka uk sale

Canada Goose Outlet The disastrous car events continued as I grew up, including Dad’s ill fated trip up a hill and around a corner with a trailer load of lazily secured furniture; the time when he hitched bumper onto a petrol station booth and kept on going with canada goose outlet in uk the guy inside; reversing over buckets; parking in the sea. Shamefully, several driving licences were surrendered, headlamps were canada goose outlet store quebec shattered; tales of near misses with inflatable dinghies atop roof racks and jettisoned toys on autoroutes flowed as fresh as a draught of Long Life ‘lager beer’ between gear changes. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose online After mum’s death, for a long time I think I’m a bookseller, not a shrink I was suffering from post traumatic stress: there I’d be swanning round the South Circular with kids in the back when suddenly, out of nowhere, I’d hear an almighty crash. canada goose outlet 80 off I knew it was in my head so the babes were safe but the sound of a car slamming into my own when I went over forty was on canada goose uk repeat for about five years. I didn’t tell anyone of course; I flinched, held steady and drove on. Gradually, I stopped hearing it. Gradually, the traffic on the road righted itself. I had my new blogged prang recently, and then Jon canada goose outlet in usa went and had one too. Our recently acquired Renault Squashed Tomato was living up to its name. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance sale Then, just when you think it is safe to take your hands off the wheel, bugger canada goose outlet ontario me, my sister canada goose outlet uk has a really frightening smash in Dubai. And there she remains, with a pelvis broken in three places and a taxi driver in prison. She told me, during a twenty quid mobile canada goose outlet online reviews phonecall last Sunday, that when the car she was riding in made its second bounce off the crash barrier, she was knew she’d die when it hit it a third time. It did. She didn’t. But as she lay injured on the backseat, the driver gone, the car began to fill with smoke. She decided she would die afterall. Then, between us there canada goose outlet orlando was a pause that went half way round the world canada goose clearance sale.

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