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But if your case “is older than [10 months], you’re probably out of luck for a [federal] lawsuit.”Even though you likely won’t get legal or financial recompense for being harassed in this case, it’s still worth alerting your harasser’s current employer in order to protect the women he works with now,Chandy said.”The question is, what’s the purpose of coming forward?If the reason is to alert other individuals to this problem, then it doesn’t matter how long has gone by,” she told HuffPost.”You may or may not get [justice]. But if you don’t come forward, you definitely won’t get it,” Chandy added.Before you alert your harasser’s current employer,gather evidencesuch as emails, voicemails or text message screenshots that can prove you were harassed,saidDavid Ring, a personal injury attorney based in Los Angeles.”Everyone’s always looking forcorroboration like [text messages], witnesses or a paper trail and if there isn’t, then employers are probably going to say there’s not much they can do,because[the harassment] didn’t happen on their turf,” he told HuffPost.Of course, gathering evidence is difficult if you were harassed years ago or the harassment occurred in passing, likebrief touching or groping. If you wereharassed along with other women, see if they’ll speak out with you,Ballman said.”If a group of you came forward and said, ‘We want to put [the harasser]on notice,’ that’s stronger,” she said.Ring suggests simply picking up the phone and calling the human resources director at your harasser’s current workplace.

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