Jan 112011

Morning all. Please find below a report from John Kerrane on the 3rd round of the Calderdale Individual Championship along with full results and standings at the close of the evening. I’ll be posting some of the games from yesterday’s action later in the week.

“Hebden Bridge Chess Club started the New Year at the Trades Club, Holme Street on Monday evening with a busy event, the third round of the Calderdale Individual Championships 2010/2011.

At this stage, players are usually facing others of similar strengths, and giant-killing is rare, but Tom Webster (Todmorden), John Whitehead (Courier) and Chris Greaves (Hebden Bridge) all had good wins against higher-graded opponents.

However, the most exciting match of the evening was the last to finish, on board 2, where Robert Sutcliffe of Huddersfield matched the much higher graded Matthew Parsons of Hebden Bridge, who is on tremendous form at the moment, all through the opening and the middle game, and, with both players in time trouble, got into a very double-edged endgame. Tragically, a miscalculation by Sutcliffe in the dying seconds just gave the win to Parsons, who emerged from the round as one of only two players, along with Dave Wedge, also of Hebden Bridge, on a maximum 3 points out of 3. A pack of other players, led by Chris Booth (Huddersfield), are close on their heels with 2½/3, leaving fascinating possibilities as the players go into the fourth round, which will be held at Hebden Bridge on 14th February.”


Standings after Round 3
3 points: D.Wedge, M.Parsons
2½ points: C.Booth, J.Morgan, A.Gonzalez
2 points: A.Wright, A.Leatherbarrow, S.Gornall, R.Sutcliffe, M.Syrett, N.Sykes, P.Edwards, D.Sugden, J.Blinkhorn, J.Aldridge, J.Whitehead, T.Webster
1½ points: P.Olley, M.Wedge-Roberts, M.Barnett, D.Milton
1 point: A.Dawson, M.Shah, N.Bamford, J.Nicholson, J.Todd, S.Priest, J.Gilhooley, C.Greaves
½ point: C.Edwards, D.Crampton, D.Pugh
0 points: M.Levy, B.Corner, B.Wadsworth, P.Deaden, J.P.Ellis, T.Whelan
Withdrawn: T.Sullivan, D.Ursal, M.Webster, H.Webb, C.Velosa

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