Feb 022020

The votes have been cast, polling is now closed and we have a winner! The game between Dennis Breen and Matthew Parsons was the overwhelming favorite in our pollĀ  with more than 69% of the votes. Firth vs. Wedge was second and Gormally vs. Morgan came in third. The full results can be seen in the table below.

Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions for this poll and to everyone who voted. Congratulations to the winners!

  One Response to “‘Game of the Decade’: Result”

  1. A deserving winner in my opinion. Sacrificing a rook for an attack, without an obvious forced mate or immediate regain of the material, requires tremendous courage, and very few club-level players would commit to that decision. 16..g5!? alone may have been enough to secure my vote, but Matthew proving his compensation in such convincing fashion left no doubt whatsoever.

    Furthermore, as a Benoni player myself, it’s always lovely to see a crushing Benoni kingside attack.

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