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Fort Wayne

canada goose store Out visiting dealers in a few weeks ago, one of my dealers was telling me about a new barbecue place that had opened up down the road from them. it not new,” he explained to me. it a new location for them.” gave me directions to Shigs in Pit BBQ and Brew on N. Maplecrest Road on the north side of. here to read about Road Tips visit to Mad Anthony Grantham and Jeff Neels were old college roommates who got together with Blaine canada goose outlet uk sale Stuckey to open Mad Anthony in 1999. it turned canada goose outlet miami out that in addition to brewing beer, Grantham got his kicks smoking meats. met a like minded local guy, Stefan Kelley, who was a networks services manager for a local software company in. and Kelley entered a local barbecued ribs competition in 2005 naming their team “Shigs in Pit” a takeoff on the Midwestern phrase “pigs in shit” (as in “happy as pigs in shit”). they won that competition, they caught the bug and decided to enter other contests around the Midwest. that they could do even better, the group invested in commercial traveling smokers and took off for barbecue competitions around the country. canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet Pictured left Jeff Neels, Todd Grantham and Stefan Kelly. Photo courtesy Journal Gazette. in Pit eventually won eleven Grand Championships and five Reserve Grand Championships KCBS sanctioned events in addition to a number of other awards they gathered at other rib contests around the country. in Pit have also been invited to participate in two of the largest barbecue contests in the nation the American Royal in Kansas City and the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational in Lynchburg, TN. course, canada goose shop uk like many other successful barbecue competition teams, the group decided that they needed to let the public try their award winning smoked meats. with their Mad Anthony partner Blaine Stuckey and with the blessing of Kelley Grantham and Neels opened the original Shigs in Pit barbecue in 2012 at the corner of Fairfield and Taylor just south of downtown. found a lot along N. Maplecrest Road and built a stand alone building from the ground up. opened Shigs in Pit BBQ and Brews featuring many beers on tap that were brewed at Mad Anthony in the summer of 2017. on a cold, gray day when I made it into the north side Shigs in Pit location. was plenty of parking around the front of the building. televisions hung from a barn board overhang above the bar. had over 20 beers on tap from Mad Anthony Brewing Company. back behind the place was a large concrete patio with a number of lights hanging above. was large enough that it could possibly double the amount of patrons the restaurant can serve in the warmer months. parking was available behind the restaurant, as well. menu for both dining in and carry out was on the wall behind the counter with a window that looked into the kitchen along the back wall. in Pit also has an extensive menu for catering events such as receptions, parties, corporate events or reunions.) meats featured at Shigs in Pit included Indiana raised St. Louis cut pork ribs, pulled pork, chopped chicken, smoked ham, smoked turkey, and jalapeo cheddar sausage, as well as brisket and burnt ends for a $1.00 upcharge. the meats could be made into sandwiches, but they also had gourmet sandwiches such a smoked ham Creole po boy sandwich, a smoked turkey sandwich with a cranberry mayo with cheddar cheese and bacon, and the “Big Shig Pig” which featured smoked bologna, pulled pork, pimento cheese and topped with creamy cole slaw. I ordered up my lunch, I was told that I could get my beer over at the bar. rang me up at the front counter, but alerted the bartender that I would be coming over to get the beer.) got an Ol Woody pale ale that I had before on a previous visit to the Mad Anthony Brewing Co. found a seat at a table near the bar, and set my table pole with my number affixed to the top of it. had some pretty good music playing that day some good blues canada goose outlet winnipeg address that varied from the likes of Peter Green (a founding member of Fleetwood Mac), Chicago Lil Ed and canada goose outlet shop Blues Imperials, and classic blues from Willie Dixon, and Freddie King. got the ribs and brisket combination. also ordered a side of their fries and a side of their interesting sounding green chile mac cheese. slice of garlic bread came with the meal. lunch was served on a small metal tray on top of a piece of wax paper. had three different canada goose outlet location types of barbecue sauce to go along with the smoked meats at Shigs in Pit. had a tangy sauce that was vinegar based. usually shy away from vinegar based sauces, but this was actually pretty good. original barbecue sauce was a sweet molasses and smoky sauce, while they had a “hot” sauce that was basically the original sauce with a hot pepper mixture added. thought it was very good. ribs had a rub on the outside that gave the meat a bit of a spicy kick. it was far from overpowering. have to say that I liked the combination rub they used. the ribs, themselves, were very dry. was like they had either cooked them too long, or had left them in a warming pan too long. meat canada goose factory outlet toronto location on the ribs was tough and chewy. couple of good bites that I was able to get were very good. the ribs were just too tough for my tastes. with putting sauce on the ribs didn help that much. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket The brisket, however, was very good. was moist, tender, and had a great smoky beef taste. found that I didn need to put much if any barbecue sauce on the brisket as it was very good on its own. fries were thin cut and fresh, canada goose jacket outlet uk but I didn concentrate too much on them. was sort of surprised they didn have baked beans as an option for sides, but they did have some something that caught my eye green chile mac cheese. ordered that for my second side, but what I thought I was getting and what I got were two different things. thought that canada goose outlet canada the mac cheese would be topped with a green chile sauce, but it appears that they just put chopped green chiles in the mix. mean, it was all right. I was expecting something completely more Southwest in a culinary nature. should have tried the pulled pork, but I have a funny feeling that I be back there at some point. beer selection from the Mad Anthony Brewing Company was wide and varied giving beer lovers a chance to have about any style they wanted. was a nice place on the inside, open and airy; and the played some very good blues music over the sound system. while I thought their sauces were also very good, I just wish the ribs wouldn have been so tough and chewy. like to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn on the city southwest side and across the parking lot is a sushi place called Naked Tchopstix. colleague Simon told me that he had eaten there a couple times and he called it “just all right.” eaten at a Naked Tchopstix in Indianapolis and thought it was very good. here to see my entry on that Naked Tchopstix.) walked across the parking lot on that blustery evening to see if I would agree or disagree with Simon report that their sushi was “just all right”. buy canada goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap David and Maggie Lee canada goose outlet price opened the first Naked Tchopstix in Indianapolis in 2003 featuring sushi and Pan Asian food primarily Korean food. addition to the location, the Lee run three Naked Tchopstix in Indianapolis including one at the Indianapolis International Airport, and one in Newport, KY across the Ohio River canada goose outlet in vancouver from Cincinnati in the Newport on the Levee entertainment district. a bar area to the left as you walk into the place and the sushi bar is part of the main dining area at canada goose outlet vancouver Naked Tchopstix. played in the dining room were 50 and 60 standards from big band crooners and female jazz singers such as Bobby Darin, Sarah Vaughan, Steve Lawrence canada goose outlet 80 off and Carmen McRae. parked myself at the sushi bar and my server for the evening, Jaclyn, dropped off a menu for canada goose outlet trillium parka black me to look through. ordered an Asahi beer to enjoy in the meantime. only problem was that it took nearly 10 minutes for Jaclyn to get the beer back to me. appeared to be the only server working the half full dining room. with all the Pan Asian food on the menu, I was there for the sushi and I immediately ordered up a spicy tuna roll and a spicy salmon roll from the sushi chefs behind the counter. sushi rolls both Canada Goose Jackets UK had a very pronounced cucumber taste. don mind cucumbers but they used rather large pieces of cucumbers in the rolls that overpowered whatever taste of the spicy tuna or salmon that I could discern. rolls were “just all right”. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose black friday sale I ordered up some sushi pieces smoked and regular salmon, maguri tuna, and hamachi yellow tail. The sushi came out on a platter that was adorned by a plastic Bonsai tree. kind of laughed at the presentation because the plastic tree took up a 1/3 of the plate. the sushi was, well, it was also “just all right”. smoked salmon was fine, as was the tuna. mean, it wasn bad sushi, but it didn knock it out of the park in terms of taste and quality. something was really salty in either the rolls or the sushi. don know if it was the wasabi or maybe the soy sauce was extra salty. as I don eat much salt in my diet, I found the salty taste to be very pronounced and somewhat disappointing. drank a lot of water that evening thanks to the salty nature of the food. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose coats on sale Sometimes Simon can be very critical when talking about restaurants he been to. have been times when we eaten together where I thought the meal I had was pretty good and he would tear apart some aspect of the meal. most of the time we pretty much in cahoots with one another in our assessment of meals. I have to say that Simon was spot on with his “just all right” observation on the Naked Tchopstix. certainly wasn as good as the one I was at in Indianapolis and somewhat disappointing overall. decided to go find the place for lunch while I was there. Bo Gonzalez was a recent drop out of music school sitting around with some friends one night trying to figure out what to do with their lives. they were making homemade tacos Gonzalez came up with an idea of doing a street cart selling tacos outside bars at night. he found out that it was not practical to have a taco cart due to the proper storage of different types of meat and toppings. obsessed with the idea of having a street cart food business, Gonzalez then switched directions and decided to do hot dogs. living in Chicago before moving back to he was inspired by Doug Sohn, the owner of the now closed Hot Doug gourmet hot dog joint in Chicago. Gonzalez view, Hot Doug did only one thing and they did it right. moving back to he truly missed the concept of doing only one thing and doing it well. was confident that he had a winning idea and he opened his hot dog food cart in the summer of 2011. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Parka It was an unprofitable summer for Gonzalez he considered selling six hot dogs a “good day” but he did garner a bit of a following for his hot dogs topped with eclectic items. of the toppings was a home recipe “Bravas” sauce canada goose outlet in canada that he got from his Spanish native father which was a bold (the English word for Brava) spicy tomato based condiment that was used as an every day topping in Spain. ended up naming his little business Bravas and after the first season he decided to canada goose outlet locations in toronto run it like a real business. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets Pictured right Bo Gonzales. The second summer went so well that with the help of his sister Becky and some of his friends Gonzalez started to make money in his little venture. was then that he decided to buy a food truck and up the food ante a bit by selling Spanish inspired tapas dishes. it was back in they fixed it up to their specifications, placed nice signage on the sides and went out to the streets of to feed the masses. people in didn seem to care for his tapas offerings as they continued to order the gourmet hot dogs from the food truck. tried a new concept, having “burger nights” when the food truck would be parked outside a local music club serving burgers along with the hot dogs. burgers that Gonzalez and his crew made became just as popular, if not more popular than the hot dogs, frequently selling out on any given evening. turns out that cold Indiana winters made his food truck a seasonal business, Gonzalez decided that he wanted to open a restaurant that focused on burgers and would provide income year round. the fall of 2014, Gonzalez found a building on south side that used to house a pizza joint. The building over 80 years old wasn very big and had all the elements in place for a restaurant. Burgers opened in early December of 2014. addition to running his new restaurant, Gonzalez plans on having the food truck show up outside popular bars and at area events in the summertime. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose deals Gonzales has surrounded himself with friends who have some culinary skills, as well. head chef is native Zach Croy who got his culinary degree at the prestigious New England Culinary Institute and who previously worked at the outstanding Joseph Decuis in nearby Roanoke, IN. here to see my entry on Joseph Decuis.) And the friend who was with Gonzalez the night he came up with the original idea for doing a street food cart, Ted Doal, is a line cook and sort of a “jack of all trades” for the burger joint. a narrow walkway on the north side of Bravas building that led canada goose uk site to the front of the business. little place was packed with people when I first went in. seating options were a dozen canada goose outlet online reviews wooden picnic tables that it. with burger themes and a number of framed articles on Bravas were on the light blue painted walls. also got a minor kick out the BurgerTime video game that stood along the north wall of the place. little spot had a laid back and very casual vibe a vibe that I thoroughly enjoyed. addition to their main burgers The Classic with lettuce, tomato, fried onions and a jalapeo remoulade; the Bravas Burger topped with chili, fries, provolone cheese and Bravas sauce; and the PB burger topped with housemade peanut butter, white cheddar cheese, bacon, pickled sweet peppers and mayo. also offers a number of specialty burgers that change on a monthly basis or upon the availability of locally sourced ingredients. of the specialty burgers that day included a gruyere cheese burger; a burger topped with mol a burger topped with Fontana cheese and a tomato jam; and a burger called “The Slow Jam” that had a caramelized onion jam, maple dijon mustard, and brie cheese along with pickled apple slices on top. was sort of surprised after the fact that they didn have any of their gourmet hot dogs on the menu, but they did have one of their more popular tapas dishes patatas on the menu. are white potatoes cut into small wedges, deep fried in oil, then topped with the spicy Bravas sauce. could get them plain, with the Bravas sauce, or “poutine” style topped with gravy and Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds. I was there to try the burger and I ordered up the Classic burger. young lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted cheese and bacon on the burger. absolutely! now, Bravas Burgers only offers soft drinks including Mexican soda pop for drinks, but Gonzalez is hoping to get a liquor license to serve craft brews made in some of the local breweries around. just had a glass of water that I poured from an urn along the wall to go along with the burger. the time my burger was ready, a picnic table came open. not the most comfortable form of dining, canada goose outlet in uk the picnic tables were sort of a unique touch. turns out that the picnic tables were locally made by a 17 year old carpenter who worked on his project for Bravas after school and on the weekends. did a good job, I have to say. burger was served on a small metal tray on wax paper. side of very fresh, crisp and very good potato chips came with the burger. keep the bun on the top, a small plastic sword held it in place. was oozing off the burger and chopped lettuce was falling out before I could even have my first bite. canada goose deals

Canada Goose sale As I took my first bite and savored the flavor of the burger, I instinctively went, “Mmmmm.” uses three different types of beef for their burgers. trim the beef in house, cut them into cubes and salt cures the beef for a couple days. then grind the beef themselves so it fresh everyday. burger had a bold flavor, was very juicy and extremely flavorful. bacon Bravas uses on their burgers comes from Ossian, a specialty meat packer in. hint of a spicy taste from the jalapeo remoulade came through, but it wasn overpowering. though canada goose outlet near me it was a five napkin burger from the juicy nature of the burger and all the great toppings, the bun stayed together very nicely, as well. was simply a great burger. back story alone of the entrepreneurial spirit Bo Gonzalez and his friends has shown in going from a budding idea, to running a street cart, to getting a food truck and then getting a brick and mortar location in four years is inspiring in many ways. a great burger is just the icing on the cake on what will undoubtedly be a great future for Bravas Burgers. was just after the noon hour and I decided to go get a burger somewhere. a quick search for burger joints in, I found that I wasn far from a place called the Stadium Bar that had good ol juicy flat grilled burgers. I pulled up in front of the Stadium Bar, it wasn there. had closed. wasn far from downtown, so I went to Plan B a burger at Henry was highly recommended. exasperated, I decided to just cut my losses and head over to a place not far away that I tried to get into late one evening a year or so ago but they had closed for the evening Don Hall Old Gas House. Don Hall restaurant group is well known in the area. Hall passed away just before Don Hall Factory opened up and his family continues to run the restaurants and catering service in the area. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance Don Hall Old Gas House is located along the St. Mary River in downtown. building that houses both the Old Gas House and Takaoke was, indeed, an old gas factory in the 19th century. Wayne street lights in the mid 1800 were lit by artificial gas manufactured in the plant. the surrounding area of NE Indiana was found to have vast reserves of natural gas in the 1880 the artificial gas factory shut down. building was used a brewery for a number of years before Prohibition was enacted in 1919. put in a bar on the east side of the building and named it the Gashouse Saloon. the 1970 Hall placed a statue of Charles Louis Centlivre, one of the brewing pioneers of, on corner of the roof of the Gashouse Saloon. was the founder of the Old Crown Brewery, a long time brewing facility that began in the 1860 and lasted until the early 70 Crown beer was a staple in taverns in and around from the end of Prohibition until when the brewery shut down in 1973. Centlivre is depicted with a foot on top of a keg of beer, looking toward where his old brewery once stood on the west bank of the St. Joseph River just north and east of Don Hall Old Gas House. statue was commissioned by the Old Crown Brewing Co. and stood in front of the brewery. the brewery shut down, Hall got the statue to continue to pay tribute to one of the first brewers in what was a long history of breweries in in the 19th and 20th centuries. was in the Gashouse Saloon where I parked myself at the bar that afternoon. rather sassy and funny bartender was working that day and she came over to greet me and to give me a lunch menu. banter with many of the people in the bar area told me that she would be fun to be around. is the point in the story that I tell you that the pictures that I took at Don Hall Old Gas House, well, they vanished off my computer. had pictures of the bar area as well as the main dining room that was a step up next to the bar. found this picture of the dining room on the Internet. understand the dining room went through an extensive remodel a few years ago to restore the mid 1800 look to the room. place seemed to be very popular with the older crowd. large table of 70 ish women were having what looked like a c canada canada goose outlet vip goose clearance.

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