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Honestly, to me this subject just seems so black and white despite your political affiliations. There really seems to be no good argument in my canada goose outlet in usa mind for being Pro Life because when canada goose sale uk you look at canada goose outlet location the civil good that abortion has provided for women contrasted with the reasons why people are against abortion, the imbalance is unjust. At the end of the day, were dealing with what women choose to canada goose outlet store near me do with their own bodies, despite the terrible circumstances that abortion canada goose jacket uk can help alleviate. Unwanted pregnancies, women unprepared to raise a child, pregnancies due to rape how is it canada goose outlet black friday sale justified to force these women to stick it out and raise the babies of these situations? A lot of conservative views and, most disturbingly, the view on this issue reveal the catalystic condition for why people hold them a huge lack of empathy for others and distance from the social effects of what they want.

canada goose clearance sale I pro life, or anti abortion, or whatever you want to call it, not because of my political views or the canada goose uk rights of certain genders. I confident that most people that are pro life will agree with my reasons, and you can see proof in this thread. canada canada goose jacket outlet goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap I pro life simply because I can prove when human life starts. Can you scientifically explain to me when a bundle of cells stops being a bundle of cells and starts living? When does life actually start, is it when a brain starts developing, when pain can be felt, when a heart starts beating, at conception, at birth? No one can say. Do you believe in a soul or a life force? When does that start? Getting an abortion is a gamble, because you may or may not have just ended a human life. Now you may not see it as a human life, I don know, but you can scientifically prove to me canada goose outlet michigan it not. buy canada goose jacket cheap

All that said, what it comes down to isn whether or not I want women to be able to decide what to do with their bodies, it that I don want them to decide to end another life, to harm someone else body. It not about keeping women subdued or forcing them to suffer through a pregnancy for the hell of it, it about saving a life. To me, 9 months of pregnancy is worth saving a life.

Canada Goose Parka Now, THAT said, the problem, as you pointed out, is with unwanted pregnancies. I going to define an unwanted pregnancy as one caused by rape or failing birth control (let just assume we can tell when the birth control failed). I think if we going canada goose parka outlet to say no more abortions, then everything should be provided for the mother if she decides to carry it to term, even if she just going to give it up for adoption. A mother with an unwanted pregnancy should want for nothing else when it comes to bringing it to term. I don know if this could be done with taxes or what, but even with the current abortion laws I think this should be done. Canada Goose canada goose outlet 80 off Parka

Past that, though, if someone makes a decision to have unprotected sex and ends up with a kid, I think the possibility that abortion is the murder of canada goose outlet nyc a baby should be enough to convince anyone to err on the side of life. You say conservatives lack empathy for pregnant women wanting abortions, but if a conservative tried on those ignorance colored glasses, they say liberals lack empathy for dying babies.

Tl;Dr, pro lifers don want to take rights from women or make pregnant women suffer, it never been about that. They worried about the loss of human life that they believe happens when an abortion is performed.

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Canada Goose Jackets All that said, what it comes down to isn whether or not I want women to be able to decide what to do with their bodies, it that I don want them to decide to end another life, to harm someone else body. It not about keeping women subdued or forcing them to suffer through a pregnancy for the hell of it, it about saving a life. To me, 9 months of pregnancy is worth saving a life. Canada Goose Jackets

This is the exact thing that I talking about. You have too great a distance from the situation you talking about and its consequences. For you and many others, it disconnected you from the implications of your views. You lack empathy because you aren paying attention to the fact that a fetus is part of a woman body until birth, you lack empathy when you say 9 months of pregnancy is worth saving a life when you aren the one going through pregnancy, child birth and raising a kid for a lifetime. You are attempting to exert control over women bodies when you try canada goose outlet toronto location to ban them from having a say in a process created by and happening entirely within their own bodies.

canada goose clearance I don believe that pro lifers want to hurt women or cause suffering. I think the problem is that you are so far removed from the situation that you can see that that is exactly what you would be doing. And the defines a life argument is pretty insulting in light of all those negative effects. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose online Just because can prove when a life starts it should be mandated that women endure the suffering of their own bodies and a lifetime of struggle? Canada Goose online

canada goose black friday sale Have you ever lived in a poor neighborhood? Have you ever dealt with a violent, volatile living and family situation? Have you ever been sent through countless layers of government only to be denied the basic benefits like healthcare that the middle and upper classes have with ease? canada goose black friday sale

canada goose deals This is what I mean regarding lack canada goose outlet miami of empathy. If only you were canada goose outlet in uk to spend a single night in the home of one of the many thousands of pregnant women in terrible life situations. if only you were to look in the eyes of all the people you are condemning to suffer. you would realize instantly the consequences of what your saying. canada goose deals

But you right, my b, I can scientifically prove if or not a zygote has a soul.

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canada goose This is exactly my point, I can simply reverse the roles and say the exact same thing to you. canada goose outlet locations in toronto “You have too great a distance from the situation and its consequences. You lack empathy because you aren paying attention to the fact a fetus is a living human being.” See? Our views are flip flipped based on that one thing. canada goose

canadian goose jacket Answer me honestly. Hypothetically speaking, if we could prove that life begins at conception, would you still be ok with abortion? Would you honestly be okay with that much loss of life, just because the mother can afford the baby or something? canadian goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose try to ban them from having a say in a process created by and happening entirely within their own bodies cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Outlet I mean, there are plenty of things that my body is banned from doing in order to keep others safe. I can drink and drive. It my body, right? But the decisions of what I do with my body affect other people. Other people that decide to end a life early spend much more time than 9 months being uncomfortable. Like I said though, if it going to be a totally anti abortion zone, then unwilling mothers should want for nothing. I talking like full paid maternity leave from work, access to doctors and medical stuff, all the works. Make them as comfortable as possible. There are also medical advancements where babies are able to be brought to term outside the womb sooner and sooner, leaving the mother pregnant for less and less time. If we could advance that research and double down on making the adoption process easier, and make unplanned mothers pregnancies comfortable, then those are huge steps to completely removing the “need” for abortion at all. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats on sale Your biggest issue seems to be that pro lifers lack empathy for the mother because of a disconnect, but we see it the other way around. What we see is basically a choice to either kill a baby, or to make a mother uncomfortable for 9 months (not trying to minimize the struggles of pregnancy, just the only word I could think of). Imagine two buttons, and in front of you is a woman standing on a platform, and to her left is an infant with a giant hammer over its head. One button kills the baby, and the other gives the woman the pains of pregnancy for 9 months. And until it proven to me that an abortion is not ending the life of a living, human baby, then an abortion is no different to me than pressing that button. canada goose outlet canada canada goose coats on sale

And yes, I have no idea what this has to do with the discussion, but I did grow up in a poor neighborhood in a poor family. I not adopted, but I was raised by my single mother barely making ends meet. I have a younger brother, so I saw her suffer through that. Maybe you trying to prove that I canada goose outlet toronto factory don know what it like to suffer or that I couldn possibly empathize because I never been in a bad situation? No idea what your point is here honestly, even if I canada goose outlet reviews had grown up with a golden spoon in my mouth and you been aborted (not gonna assume anything though, I don know your living situation growing up), I could still be capable of empathy. If you truly think all pro lifers lack empathy and disregard the consequences, and you also think they aren doing it to subdue women. Then what exactly do you think their motives are? This picture you painted of this uncaring monster canada goose outlet online store review wouldn exactly care about a sack of cells.

Like death?

buy canada goose jacket Again, I not wanting to minimize the suffering women go through during pregnancy, but 9 months of being pregnant ain exactly a lot to ask for when it comes to saving a life. In this situation, I think the side effects of an abortion are much more severe. It not that pro lifers don see the consequences, it that the consequences are worth the trade off to save a life. Consequences that, hopefully, would be minimized if the things I and other people suggested in this thread were implemented, assuming any Canada Goose Jackets UK anti abortion laws are passed. buy canada goose jacket

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canada canadagooseparka goose coats After an hour of the car not starting, I happened to glance at him and I saw that look on his face, the look that canada goose outlet uk sale says, “I am guilty AF.” canada goose coats.

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