Aug 222014

Air Defense

canada goose clearance In addition, for the “Castle” designed for radio bomb jamming. “Grad” multiple rocket system is the most famous in the world and is on armies of more than 50 countries. On the basis of this system are designed “Grad I and the Grad In. ” 122mm mlrs “Grad I is created on the wheeled chassis ZIL 131 2C1 or crawlers with 36 runners; firing range of this system 15km. For paratroop was developed by 122 mm mlrs “Grad B with 12 runners. In 1974 canada goose outlet parka sspe “Fusion” develops mlrs “Hurricane” with a range of 35km. As a base for combat, transport and loading vehicle used chassis ZIL 135LM. The system has 16 guides caliber 220mm. In 1988, weapons adopted by mlrs high power “Prima”. This system is installed on URAL 4320 chassis and canada goose outlet in chicago has a 50 caliber 122mm rails. Read more here: Goop London, United Kingdom uk. Under the mlrs Prima developed special high canada goose outlet paypal explosive projectiles, increasing the efficiency of destruction of 5 15 times compared with the “Castle”. Presented before the system is used unguided rockets, and Smerch uses guided missiles that allows to increase the accuracy of a hit twice. The system is equipped with twelve 300mm rails and mounted on a canada goose coats uk car chassis MAZ canada goose outlet miami 543M, and freight loading system on the MAZ 543A. canada goose canada goose jacket outlet uk clearance

canada goose coats Firing range Smerch from 20 to 70km. Volley by approximately 38 seconds, and the damage radius of a full volley reaches 60km2. Large canada goose outlet new york city radius of canada goose outlet buffalo destruction caused by two stage cluster principle. After reducing rocket head part is allocated to and from out cassette tapes of the fire back canada goose outlet kokemuksia then combat elements (72). In addition canada goose jacket outlet to high explosive bomblets used anti tank canada goose uk and anti personnel mines (self destruct), and also bomblets. When discarding spbe canada goose outlet 80 off revealed the first stage of parachutes, and then nominated by the antenna altimeter and infrared radiation detection device, at an altitude of canada goose outlet uk sale 150m opens Canada Goose Outlet second stage parachute that slows the fall to 15msek. Catching Heat Motor spbe a shock core and at the height of 100m it shoots at an enemy. spbe not respond to a living force, guidance produced by the emission engines armored vehicles, canada goose outlet winnipeg armor 70mm. In the case of undetected target missile self destructs upon contact with the ground. mrl has canada goose outlet ontario also been successfully used by the Navy and. For the Navy created a complex “Dam” and “Rain” (to protect ships in the parking places from underwater commando forces), “Boa 1” (to protect ships from enemy torpedoes), “West” (to protect against submarines in the near zone). canada goose coats

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