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When it comes to butt exercises that tone, tighten, lift, sculpt, strengthen okay, you get it it doesn’t get much better than the dynamic Tone It Up duo. The girls are big fans of butt exercises, and not only because strengthening your glutes can stabilize your body and prevent injury. Glutes make up the largest muscle group in the body, so when you work on them you’ll burn major calories even long after the sweat is wiped off.Here, Katrina and Karena show you how to perform some of their all time favorite butt exercises that will make you feel crazy confident in everything from skinny jeans to bathing suits.The best part: These 5 moves are all you need to hit every angle of your butt.Box JumpsRaises your heart rate and strengthens glutes and hamstringsStart by standing in front of a box or step with feet hip width apart.

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