May 032013

but they still want democrats in congress

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cheap Canada Goose A fair question.Another phenomenon you have discovered about courts is that the witnesses all must be forgetful smart cookies, offering up implausible answers.Poor Waghmare just canada goose outlet in montreal didn’t make the cut.Instead he volunteered, unknowingly, a variety of canada goose outlet store quebec interesting little tidbits of information, that tossed up canada goose outlet near me a few wrinkles in the prosecution’s general narrative on the case.Like he mentioned that his cellphone instrument, unfortunately for him, had been impounded by the Khar police station, north west Mumbai, because it had the number of a man in Kolkata whom Indrani had wanted him to contact, saved on it.This emerged when Pasbola happened to ask if the number was still saved on his phone and if he canada goose outlet sale could dial canada goose outlet real it.There was, it was also discovered on Monday, canada goose outlet reviews no record of the police having taken the phone.Waghmare added further that the phone was damaged. And Inspector Dinesh Kadam, of that police station, had taken his phone from him and taken it to his office. He didn’t canada goose outlet los angeles remember the CBI asking him about the phone.Monday’s cross examination did not begin at the appointed time of 11 am. cheap Canada Goose

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