Dec 022013
No prizes for spotting the move John missed. It's pretty straightforward if you know that there is a mate there to look for.

No prizes for spotting the move John missed. It’s pretty straightforward if you know that there is a mate there to look for.

A report on round 1 of the Calderdale Individual Championship has been posted on the Yorkshire Chess website.

Our headline of course refers to Joseph Blackburne’s famous quote about checking all checks. Unfortunately one of the most significant stories of the round was John Kerrane overlooking a mate in 1 against the top seed Mitchell Burke which would have been a really amazing result for him.

“It’s something I’m always reminding my juniors to do”

said John somewhat remorsefully when I spoke to him about the incident. At least he can take some satisfaction from having played well enough to achieve a position with such potential. Mitchell on the other hand can count himself most fortunate…

Oct 232013

After a two year hiatus, Hebden Bridge Chess Club will once again host the Calderdale Individual Championship which will begin on Monday the 11th of November. Full details can be found below:

Hebden Bridge's Matthew Parsons (left) is the current holder of the Timeform Trophy

Hebden Bridge’s Matthew Parsons (left) is the current holder of the Timeform Trophy

The competition will be held at Hebden Bridge Trades Club, Holme Street, Hebden Bridge. HX7 8EE.

This is a five round Swiss tournament to be held on the following dates:

Round 1: Monday 11 November 2013
Round 2: Monday 9 December 2013
Round 3: Monday 13 January 2014
Round 4: Monday 10 February 2014
Round 5: Monday 10 March 2014

You can only enter if you are a member of a Calderdale chess club at Sunday 10 November 2013. This means that the League’s website has you registered with a club, with a League grade, by this date. League grades will be used for this competition.

Competitors must register their name, club and published grade with the controller on or before Sunday 10 November 2013. Late registrations may not be accepted. Registrations should be sent to the controller either by:

Telephone: call Danny Crampton on 07776 133 371

Entry fees:
The entry fee is £3.50 or £2.50 for juniors (under 16).
Your entry fee should be paid to the controller on Monday 11 November before the first round begins.

The draw:
Pairings will be displayed shortly after 19:30 and each round will start at 19:45. Re-pairings will be made at 20:15. If a competitor fails to arrive by 20:15 he/she will be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition.

Winner: £25. The winner also holds the Timeform Trophy for one year.
Runner-up: £15.
Grading prizes: £10 each, dependent upon entry.
Cash prizes will be awarded after the fifth round. The Timeform Trophy will be awarded at the season’s end.

Time limits:
The time limit is 36 moves in 75 minutes. For re-paired games the time limit is 30 moves in 60 minutes. After this each clock will be set back 15 minutes and the game must be completed in the time remaining.

If a competitor is unable to play in a round, he may take a bye provided that the controller is notified at least 24 hours before the round is due to begin. A half-point bye can be taken in any one of the first four rounds. Each competitor can take only one half-point bye during the competition.

Winner/ runner-up:
In the event of a tie for winner or runner-up, the positions will be decided by progressive scores. If there is still no clear winner or runner-up, opponents’ grades or opponents’ scores may be used as further tie-breaks.

Score sheets:
Duplicated score sheets will be made available. Each competitor must give one copy to the controller at the end of each round with the game’s result clearly shown.

Conduct/ etiquette:
Mobile phones must be turned off/ silent. Your phone ringing during the playing of your game is deemed to be a resignation.
Please take empty glasses back to the bar and respect our hosts.
Win lose or draw, enjoy the competition.