Apr 062011
Can Hebden Bridge ‘A’ make
 lightning strike twice?

Today’s post is designed merely to give members and regular readers a heads up on some important dates coming up in the next few months.

1.) First of all, on Monday the 9th of May, the 2011 edition of the Calderdale Chess Team Lightning Competition takes place at Todmorden Working Mens Club. Please note that, unlike recent years, this is tournament is taking place in Todmorden and NOT at the Belgrave Club in Halifax.

All players are welcome but it is suggested that you contact your team Captains about entries from your club as several will already be making plans. In previous years additional teams have been made up by gathering surplus players from all clubs so everyone should get a game that wants one.

Last year Hebden Bridge ‘A’ won the tourney with a record score of 24/25 but they did not have to face the 2009 champions, Huddersfield, who will no doubt be hungry to snatch the title back this year.

The Team Lightening event is always a really fun way of ending the season so please do come along and join in.

Grand Master Danny Gormally returns to Leeds Chess
Club for another simultaneous event on the 12th of June

2.) On Sunday the 12th of June Leeds Chess Club will be hosting a simultaneous event with Grand Master Danny Gormally. It costs £10 to enter and you can register for it on the Leeds Chess Club website. I entered the corresponding event last year and can heartily recommend it. Danny was very laid back and relaxed and this made for a friendly and fun atmosphere. If you want your chance to take on a Grand Master face to face then this is as good as you’ll get.

3.) Finally, here is a real coup for this website! I am delighted to announce that, from May the 4th, our humble blog will be hosting the 5th edition of the Chess Improvement Carnival. The idea behind the event is very simple. Readers nominate interesting and useful posts about chess from across the blogosphere. Those nominations are edited and promoted right here for all the world to see. It’s a kind of “Chess Blog Greatest Hits” for the month of May. If anyone is interested in taking a look at the current edition then you can go to the Liquid Egg Product blog and have a browse. Of course we need nominations for May’s edition so if you’ve spotted a useful, interesting or funny blog post about chess anywhere on the internet recently then please submit it here and it will be considered.

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