May 182013

daughter fails in appeal over jail term

A man who persistently raped his step daughter when she was aged between 11 and 16, impregnating her twice, has lost an appeal against Designer Fake Bags the severity of his 12 year jail term.

7a replica bags wholesale The replica handbags china 70 year old man, who cannot be named for legal Replica Bags reasons, pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to 18 counts of high quality replica handbags raping and sexually abusing the woman on dates between 1974 to 1979 at their home in Cork. 7a replica bags wholesale

best replica bags The complainant, now aged 53, made a statement to cheap replica handbags garda Replica Designer Handbags in 2013 about the man, who moved into the family’s Fake Designer Bags home KnockOff Handbags after her father died and eventually married her mother. best replica bags

She said wholesale replica designer handbags her stepfather would take aaa replica designer handbags her out of her bedroom purse replica handbags and onto the landing to have sexual intercourse with her three or four times a week. She said she dreaded Sunday evenings when her mother went to bingo because her stepfather would sexually abuse her. She said that on other occasions, he raped her while her mother was downstairs.

high quality designer replica The woman said the defendant never worked and was an alcoholic who drank all the money her mother brought into the house. high quality designer replica

replica designer bags The Replica Bags Wholesale Court of Appeal heard that the woman became pregnant aged 15. She lost one child and another was put up for adoption. The final replica handbags online two years were suspended due to the man’s age and medical issues. replica designer bags

best replica designer bags The man had already been serving a four year sentence, handed down in February 2015, for indecently assaulting the woman’s siblings. best replica designer bags

high quality replica bags replica bags Appealing the sentence, Orla Crowe SC, for the man, submitted that the starting point of 18 years was too high. She said she was relying on a case known as ‘RK’ in which a sentence of 18 Wholesale Replica Bags years with the final five suspended was reduced by the Court of Appeal to replica Purse 12 with the final two suspended following an appeal. high quality replica bags

Ms Crowe said her client’s case was “on a par” with ‘RK’ rather than being a notch above. She asked the court to consider imposing a sentence on her client along the lines of ‘RK’.

replica wallets Counsel for the, BL, said Handbags Replica there was an atmosphere in the household of complete fear, beatings and threats of violence. These allowed the offending to continue and were “mechanisms of control”. There was no evidence of any of that in ‘RK’. Mr Justice Hunt had expressed the view that the offending here was “a notch above” the offending in ‘RK’ and was “uniquely placed, and arguably best placed, to make that assessment,” Mr Justice Edwards said. replica wallets

While a sentence of 18 years was arguably at the very outer limits of the sentencing judge’s legitimate range of discretion, Mr Justice Edwards said Replica Handbags it was not outside that range given the Fake Handbags “egregious circumstances” of this case.

replica bags online He said the Court of Appeal rejected “without hesitation” the suggestion that the sentencing judge gave an insufficient discount to reflect the mitigating factors. replica bags online

best replica bags online A Designer Replica Bags four year or 22 per cent reduction to reflect the plea of guilty and remorse shown was “adequate” in the court’s view. A further 11 per cent discount was afforded for the man’s age and ill health which, again, was entirely adequate in the court’s view. best replica bags online

aaa replica bags Mr Justice Edwards, who sat with Mr and Mr, said the court had not seen fit to uphold any of the man’s grounds of complaint and the appeal against sentence was therefore dismissed aaa replica bags.

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