Jun 022015
Just a few of Hebden Bridge Chess Club's Junior Members

This competition gives juniors the chance to play competitively and there are prizes for the best players at different levels of ability

On Saturday the 13th of June Hebden Bridge Chess Club will be running this 5-round junior event again as a follow up to the UK Chess Challenge that was held in spring this year. It will take place at the Trades Club, Holme Street, Hebden Bridge, in the upstairs concert room. Entry is open to all Calderdale youngsters, but it is especially intended for those who took part in the UK Chess Challenge. There will be small cash prizes for the three players with the highest scores overall, and a number of ‘grading prizes’, so that everyone has a chance of winning something.

Entry fee will be £1, payable on the day. We will, however, need to know who is entering, so that we can take the draw for the first round ahead of the event. Either fill in the form below, or pass the same information to John Kerrane by phone on 01422 842 426.

All games will be played using a chess clock at a limit of 15 minutes per player. The event will consist of 5 rounds, and we hope to be finished by 12.00 noon, or soon after. We advise entrants to bring a drink and a snack.

Tournament details

Date: Saturday 13th June

The Trades Club
Holme Street
Hebden Bridge

Arrive and Register 9.00 a.m.
First Round 9.15 a.m.
Finish time 12.00 noon

Entry fee: £1


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Aug 242012
Go to www.fantasychessteam.com to enter your team

Some of you may have been wondering where your webmaster has been for the last few weeks. No posts, all quiet on the website. What’s going on?

Well now I can reveal that I’ve been very busy on a new project that I hope many of you will be interested in. Caught up in the grip of Olympic fever I decided to try and do something interesting around the Chess Olympiad which starts in Istanbul on Tuesday. Along with the Yorkshire Chess Association’s web master, Matty Webb, I have launched the Fantasy Chess Olympiad.

You can go and check it out for yourself but the idea is simple. Pick a team of 5 players from the Open Section and another 5 from the Women’s Section. Your players score points every time they appear based on their performance. We are running two competitions one is “Free to Play” the other is “Winner Takes All” where you pay an entry fee of £5 and all fees go towards the prize pot.

If you aren’t quite sure that you can tell the difference between your Kramnik’s and your Kosteniuk’s then don’t worry, we’ve posted useful links and downloads to help you select your team.

Alongside the league table updates that we plan to post daily there will also be some recollections of classic Olympiad encounters from days gone by and an exclusive Olympiad diary from Yorkshire’s own Rupert Jones who will be representing Papua New Guinea at this year’s competition.

I hope that some of you will come along and take part. I’ll try and post some updates on Calderdale participants on these pages during the next couple of weeks and there will also be some updates on the Calderdale League fixture list as we start our new season on the 10th of September.