Aug 252010
I’m sure I saw a sachet of ketchup in here somewhere

I mentioned here recently that Grandmaster Daniel Gormally (the self-dubbed ‘Burger King GM’) was giving a simultaneous display at Leeds Chess Club. I am now able to update readers with the outcome of the event and publish my own futile effort against Danny.

As you might expect GM Gormally made mincemeat of the opposition winning all of his games to record a score of 25-0. Indeed, he even offered to play a second game against many of the participants who had suffered a swift demise and promptly went on to beat them all again!

From a personal point of view this was an interesting experience for me as it was the first time I’d played in a simultaneous event (let alone against a Grandmaster) and also the first time I’d had the opportunity to exchange anything more than the briefest of pleasantries with a titled player. I know that every one of the participants found Danny to be very friendly and easy going and he certainly gave everybody who had entered full value for their entry fee.

As I sat watching a few boards further up the line I couldn’t
help thinking that GM Gormally was trying to tell
me something about my position

Danny generously gave a couple of copies of his books to opponents whom he felt had given him the sternest test of the afternoon and it is in one of these (Play Chess Like the Pros) that I found the reason for his moniker.

“If I could describe myself in chess terms, it would probably be as ‘Burger King GM’… in the sense that a player of my level can expect to make the same amount in a Burger King.”

Well Danny, let me just say on behalf of all the lads who played you in Leeds that Saturday, “Many thanks and good luck with the new job!”

For what it’s worth here is my game against Danny.

  2 Responses to “The Burger King Grandmaster has it his way”

  1. So nice effort David.

    My feeling is that BH5 was wrong, you should just swipe of that knight and play on the dark squares with the strong centre blunting whites g2 bishop.

    Buts thats just me…


  2. Thanks Matt. That sounds like a valid strategic approach to me although I'm not sure 7…Bh5 is wrong either. Just a matter of personal taste at that point in proceedings I reckon. My engine doesn't show much in it until later in the game.

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