Sep 102009

Before I start posting games and comments I guess that I should probably share some personal chess history with you. I came to chess fairly late at 17 years old but (with some excellent tutelage from a family friend who spotted me getting battered by a chess computer whilst visiting our house over the Christmas holidays and subsequently offered to teach me how to play better) I became firstly proficient and then addicted!

Serious competitive play began when I went to university and I’ve been playing league chess (with the occasional congresses thrown in) ever since. A few years ago I started to play chess online and I now use the excellent correspondence web site, Redhotpawn (RHP), to try and keep my game as sharp as I can year round.

As you will see in future posts, I’ve chosen to use my “nom de guerre” from RHP on this blog simply because I feel more comfortable publishing my games without the antagonists’ real names against them. I do this more as a mark of respect for my over-the-board opponents (who may not want their names on the internet) than any personal desire to remain anonymous.

My next post will be a game with some commentary and hope it will bring readers some entertainment.

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