Feb 272012

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we’d be celebrating a number of significant land marks on this website. I’ve already posted tributes to Boris Spassky on the occasion of his 75th Birthday and also to Mark Crowther’s “The Week In Chess” which reached it’s 900th edition this month. In this final “celebration” post it is Huddersfield Chess Club in the spot light.

Huddersfield CC have reached their 160th year in 2012 and what better way to mark the occasion than with a celebratory one day rapidplay tournament. The festivities take place on the 29th of April at the Huddersfield Grosvenor Casino and the prize fund is suitably “big time”. There is a guaranteed first prize of £1,000 and there will be a £100 grading prize for every 20 entries.

I hope the Grosvenor is a cool inside as this... but I doubt it! Photo sourced from geek7's Flickr photostream

The entry fee is £10 and the tournament is a 6 rounder. You can enter this one-off event by downloading the entry form from Huddersfield’s website. Participants should be aware of two special conditions necessitated by the venue. First of all, all entrants need to be members of the Casino in order to gain entry. This can be done on the day, it’s free and requires only the completion of a simple form and a photo ID card of some sort (passport or driving licence). You can cancel your membership when you leave if you wish. Secondly, the tournament cannot accept entries from juniors as no one under the age of 18 is permitted access to the venue. It’s a shame that this condition is in place but I guess that anyone who is celebrating their 160th birthday would rather share the occasion purely with oldies!

I hope that as many Calderdale players as possible will be able to support this event which should really be a good one.

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