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There’s a lot going on across the Calderdale and Yorkshire chess circuit at the moment. Today I’d like to take a short pause for breath to round up some of the news and results you may have missed.

Calderdale Individual Championship 2011-12

This year’s championship is being hosted by the Belgrave and Courier Chess Clubs at the Belgrave Social Club on Claremount Road in Halifax. As always there are 5 rounds and these take place on the first or second Monday of the month from November through to March. This year’s schedule is as follows:
  • Round 1: 7th of November, 2011
  • Round 2: 12th of December, 2011
  • Round 3: 9th of January, 2012
  • Round 4: 13th of February, 2012
  • Round 5: 12th of March, 2012
Pairings for each round will be posted at 19.30 and play will begin promptly at 19.45. Entry for this year’s competition costs £3.50 and £2.50 for juniors.
Anyone interested in registering to play in this event should contact this year’s organiser, Paul Edwards, by e-mailing him at: clic2012@gmail.com
Entry fees can be paid on the night of the first round but you must pay before the start of play.
As an aside from the details of the competition I must say that it’s great to see another club other than our own hosting this year’s competition and I’d like to wish Paul the very best with the organisation. Here’s hoping that Hebden Bridge players will continue to support the championship just as enthusiastically as we have done in recent years. I am hoping to once again provide extensive coverage of the competition as it progresses right here. Get yourselves signed up.

Yorkshire Chess Association website

Hot off the press is this new website that acts as a hub for chess players across the county and, in particular, the Yorkshire League. YCA President, Ihor Lewyk and his assistant website editor, Matthew Webb, have done a fantastic job to get this up and running. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops over the coming months.

Yorkshire League Results

Adrian Dawson has once again been swift in furnishing me with the latest efforts from our two Calderdale teams.
A mixed day for the Calderdale teams on Saturday. A great result for the ‘A’ team who thrashed Bradford ‘A’. It has to be said that Bradford had to split their side in an effort to keep their ‘B’ team in the First Division but it was still a very strong team as the grades prove.
Bradford ‘A’ vs. Calderdale ‘A’
W.Williams (190) ½-½ P.Watson (189)
I.Lewyk (178) 0—1 R.Newton (181)
D.Barlow (176) 0-1 M.Hamer (177)
C.Wright (170) ½-½ M.Whitehead (173)
M.Bramson (170) 0-1 J.Morgan (173)
I.Hunter (165) ½-½ D.Ursal (166)
M.Ashdown (158) 0-1 D.Patrick (165)
J.Holliday (126) 0-1 M.Corbett (138)

Calderdale ‘B’ were out-gunned on all boards and suffered a severe defeat. If they continue to play teams of the strength of the first two in this season’s campaign, they will struggle for sure.

Bradford Central vs. Calderdale ‘B’
P.D.Rooney (203) ½-½ M.I.Connor (154)
M.D.Crowther (174) 1-0 N.Suttie (148)
J.D.H.Milnes (169) 1-0 D.Colledge (143)
D.Breen (167) 1-0 A.Leatherbarrow (140)
N.J.Edwards (163) 1-0 M.Syrett (139)
P.G.Day (153) 1-0 D.Sugden (137)
DEFAULT 0-1 D.Milton (132)
G.Laszlo (130) ½-½ S.Priest (121)

Calderdale League 2 Results

Hebden Bridge ‘C’ were the only side in action in Calderdale League 2 on Monday night. Calderdale ‘D’ had a walk over as a result of Wheatley’s withdrawal from the league earlier this season. The ‘C’ team faced up to Courier ‘B’ and were unusually depleted for the match with regular Captain, John Kerrane, being away on holiday. As a result, stand Captain, Neil Bamford, led the side to a superb victory under the circumstances. After the match he was moved to remark, “The good guys came out on top thanks to some inspired performances from the ‘D’ team refugees”.
Here is the full match scorecard:
Hebden Bridge ‘C’ vs. Courier ‘B’
J.Blinkhorn 1-0 P.Hughes
S.Priest 0-1 D.Colledge
N.Bamford 0-1 J.Smith
C.Greaves 1-0 J.Whitehead
D.Crampton 1-0 R.Bottomley

Hebden Bridge Chess Club database

Last, but by no means least I would like to draw members’ attention to Nick Sykes’ blog on which you will now be able to find the latest version of this year’s games database. This is up to date to the 17th of October.

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