Apr 262011

Today I am pleased to make it official that the fifth edition of the Chess Improvement Carnival (CIC) will be held right here on this blog from the 4th of May.

For those of you who haven’t seen previous incarnations of the CIC then the idea is simply this: readers nominate chess related posts and articles that they would like to share with the world. It can be something you wrote yourself or something that you’ve seen on another blog that you think is useful, instructive, thought provoking or funny.

If you still don’t get the idea then why not check out some of the material that was selected for previous carnivals hyperlinked below:

  • CIC IV — April: The Omelette Edition, hosted by Liquid Egg Product
  • CIC III — March: The Renaissance Faire Edition, hosted by Blunderprone
  • CIC II — February: The Coney Island Edition, hosted by Brooklyn 64
  • CIC I — January: hosted by Blue Devil Knight

The only guidelines for submission that you need to bare in mind are these. First of all the post has to be chess related and second of all it has to come from a blog rather than a professionally run chess website. You can nominate a post by following this link. The deadline for submissions is looming so don’t procrastinate, nominate your favourite post now and lets make the May edition of the carnival the biggest one yet!

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