Dec 302011

Just a few of Hebden Bridge Chess Club's Junior Members

Today’s post comes courtesy of Andy Leatherbarrow who has a doubly stressful chess life in that he plays top board for Hebden Bridge ‘B’ in Calderdale League 1 and also has two young children who both play actively in junior competitions.¬†

“Whilst I ponder the frustration and joys of playing chess from time to time, it is always put into place by the parental anxeity of watching my children undertake their chess matches. The huge swings in games usually means that you can take nothing for granted from losing having been 2 or 3 pieces up to achieving a draw through stalemate despite only having a king vs. 6 or 7 pieces. Having taught both my children chess at a relatively early age they have progressed from breakfast games before school to a range of junior competitions on a regular basis. Suicide and exchange chess are favourite versions. They have had success and sometimes spectacular failure, but always come back for more. I have learned to become more relaxed about the whole experience and was reminded by watching a chess coach working with a group of young players that its a difficult game and that attempts to play it should be celebrated. Anyhow my offering today is from my youngest from a recent tournament, I always enjoy the freedom with which they play if not totally correct its always adventurous chess!

Also many thanks to the continued hard work of John Kerrane and Dan Crampton who run the junior section of Hebden Bridge chess club on Mondays 6-7.15pm, promoting chess for the next generation. Be warned there are some good youngsters on the way!”

My thanks to Andy for taking the time to provide us with this article. It’s interesting to read the perspective of a chess parent who is also a chess player and I’m pleased to be able to give¬† our juniors some additional coverage on the homepage of this site. You can find out more about our Junior club here.

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